Choosing The Right Hiking Watch

Getting the right hiking watch can make a lot of difference when you are out on a trail.  These watches will help you get around safely, but only if you are choosing the right one.  There are a number of features that you should look for in a hiking watch.

A Built-In Compass

When hiking it is possible to go off trail and lose your sense of direction.  This is particularly true when you are hiking in parks or the forest.  This is why your hiking watch needs to have a built in compass which will help you get your bearings and find the right direction to travel in.  Of course, this will only help if you have taken the time to check which direction you have entered the trail from.

A GPS Receiver

The modern hiking watch will often come with a GPS receiver.  This will help you track your movements and will make navigation a lot easier.  If you are new to hiking deep in the woods then you need to consider getting a watch that has a GPS receiver.  To make the most of this feature you will need to write down the GPS coordinates for where you entered the trail.  If you get lost then you will be able to locate them with your watch and make your way to the trail.

A Barometer

If you are only going on short hikes in your local park then you probably do not need to have a watch with a barometer.  However, if you are considering going on a longer hike in a larger forest or park then you need to have a barometer in your watch.  This could be the difference between getting caught out in a bad storm and not.

Storms and harsh weather can be a major problem when you are hiking and can put you in a dangerous situation.  This is why you need to have a barometer to warn you about any changes in the weather that you need to take note of.  Of course, you will need to know what the barometer is telling you and what weather it is telling you is coming.

The Durability

One of the most important features of a hiking watch is the durability.  There is no point in having a hiking watch that offers you a range of features if it is going to break halfway through the hike.  You should always check the overall quality of the watch and the durability of the strap.  You should also see that it is adapted to hiking-related situations such as extreme weather and impact.

When looking at the durability you also need to check what the warranty on the watch is.  If the manufacturer is confident that their watch is durable then they are going to offer you a good warranty.  However, if the watch does not come with any warranty then you need to question why.

There are a number of features that you need to consider when you look at a hiking watch.  The watch will need to be durable and offer you a compass or GPS receiver.  Having a barometer is optional, but is handy for longer hikes.